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[David UK Tour]-Not too far like that a new was put online by  Young Buck announced which he said G-Unit mix-tape called Power would be dropping "anytime," and anybody born in the late eighties or early nineties was instantly hit with a nostalgic wave.the G-U-nit has face numerous challenge but it's hard to dispute that the crew was at their prime during their run from 2002-2005. When 50 Cent, LLoyd Banks, Tony Yayo & Young Buck joined forces on a track, the end result was often an exceptional blend of high quality gangsta rap, punchlines, fire beats, and unapologetic charisma.

Their 2003 album Beg For Mercy stands tall as the group's finest project, and may very well be a near-classic (or a classic, depending who you ask). Before that, the Unit were killing industry beats without mercy, dropping mixtape after mixtape of pure bars. While Lloyd Banks has since become somewhat of a musical recluse, there was a time when he was basically the craziest rapper out, impressing legions with his flow and punchline finesse.
With nearly thirty mixtapes, two studio albums, and several solo projects, it's pretty difficult to narrow down a list of ten.

The Unit's legacy runs deep, and while they may never return to their glory days, it never hurts to go back in time to relive some of the crew's finest bangers.well below is the hottest tracks from G-U-NIT that you will like to watch like Jay z and  Kanye in best platform of their track which keeps us going.

No.1. My Buddy

No.2.Stunt 101

No.3.That's What's Up
No.4.7. Victory Freestyle

No.5.Bad News

No.6.Hate It Or Love It (G-Mix)

No.7.Banks Workout Pt 2

No.8.We All Die One Day ft. Obie Trice & Eminem

No.9.Poppin' Them Thangs

No.10.G'D Up

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