Video About Jay-Z vs. Kanye West Documentary

[50 Cent Fighting See Here]-Jay z and Kanye West relationship is still on the pending side which makes us to believe relentless that the issue between the Hip-Hop stars are still on shad.a new Documentary from channel 4 is here to show deeply about Jay-Z vs. Kanye.Uk channel 4 set the documentary just low key yet have show it up today.Now lets talk about the rocky friendship between the two musical brothers over the years.

How can we compare the both,well it came across just during their early childhood.XXL detailed that

Hov and Yeezy started off their relationship in the industry, with them becoming very close through Kanye producing his Blueprint album. Interviews are also conducted with Clark Kent, Just Blaze, Jay-Z’s ex teacher at school, GLC, Touré and many more who share commentary on the two’s relationship as well as their recent fallout.
“When you talk about JAY and Kanye having a sort of public falling out, I would put that more on Kanye going through — for whatever reason — an extraordinarily stressful moment,” said Touré. “Multi-millions in debt, his wife having this potentially life-changing moment where she’s robbed violently in Paris.”
Writer J. Escobedo Shepherd also explains the rivalry in the doc.

“JAY, sort of, has historically dismissed Kanye and Kanye’s entire life has been about getting JAY-Z to recognize him,” she said. “It’s this very archetypal father-son/older brother-younger brother relationship.”rap-up more here and watch video below.

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