Trey Songz Arrested For Flipping At Show In L.A

Trey Songz Arrested
[Beyonce Rise Up Voice In Nala in ‘Lion King’]-Trey Songz has joined one of those celebrities who have faced court charge since this year 2017,we are counting him down for flipping at a show L.A.As Trey Songz Joined Meek who was also taken to police custody for his reckless we updated Yesterday on Top.following Trey Songz court charge,the singer was caught in one of his show flipping out at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit and because of this misdemeanor he have no other choice but to head over to the station for some queries.

Not only that Trey Songz flip out show another charge came around him were he also engaging with aggravated assault and assaulting an officer and Trey have to stay in the custody till everything is in stable form but he was also threaten by his disrespectful to the officer.Trey Songz will stands some chance to plead for his two hogwash as mention in the line.

Source also told that Trey Songz reached a plea deal where he has plead guilty on two misdemeanor charges of disturbing the peace after destroying the venues equipment and throwing debris after the venue cut his set short. The agreement he has reached has ended up dropping the charges of aggravated assault and assaulting an officer. With pleading guilty to two counts of disturbing the peace, Trey Songz will have to serve 18-months of probation. Along with probation, he will also have to do anger management training as well as submit to drug test and pay restitution.

The initial arrest and charges stemmed from Trey Songz allegedly assaulting a police officer causing injury and aggravated assault. The police said that Trey Songz allegedly hit one of the officers with a closed fist causing the officer to be concussed.

During the trial, the Wayne County judge also said that Snapchat footage of the incident would be used as evidence against the R&B singer. While Trey may have gotten off easy on this one, it's surely going to serve as a reminder to think before acting. Although he did warn the sound person that if they cut him off, he would react to it, throwing concert equipment and throwing debris is definitely not a rational way of handling the situation. The venue reportedly had to cut him off for a 11:30 p.m. curfew.

Trey definitely avoided some harsh penalties that would've had some further repercussions. With having to deal with minimal consequences to the situation, hopefully this will lead to Trey getting back in the studio and working on more fire tunes that we all appreciate from the R&B crooner.

Trey Songz Pleads Guilty After Detroit Incident

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