Tory Lanez Speaks About His New Album

Tory Lanez New album
[Justin Bieber Was Turn Down Because This Girl]-He make out the in an interview to view his mind about u the upcoming Album of Troy Lanez.Troy has been on the lock up room studio try to gather his effort to give him effective product that will suite his fans as the case may be.bringing in his effort from last one year,I TOLD YOU is an album which leap out his music life just in hip-hop music and dropped some tracks that came along the album making it a hit tracks.some of the Troy Lanez Hits Tracks as of 2016 are Love And Say It.i think you understand that  TL became more popular with his 2016 album sales.We also encountered that TL was recently on a charge owing to an alleged aimed on him that he deal with drugs and gun and he also got arrested for after his wife put to birth with a baby boy as a son.

Forwarding with his new album that he promise to give his fans,Troy Lanez with full confidence that he will definitely gave out collaboration with the most artist that his fans want him to be with.He is yet to meet some musician that will gear up his fans and that's why he is seriously putting in assiduousness in his new album.

''There is lot of collabs coming on the way,definitely collabs that you wanted to see,"
Troy Lanez.He also said that "Everything's supposed to be out, like, asap." Speaking along with TL,made it clear after been asked when he will drop a new track as for the first in his upcoming album,he disclosed that ''in the first coming of his music we should be coming down the pipeline in "a week-and-a-half or two weeks at the latest." as a surprise though it shouldn't,he said about Apple Music Streaming and purchasing and promise that his main aim is to gave his fans good music to listen and not to purchase."The sad part about it is that the places where you used to get free music are actually being taken over by the Spotify's and the Apple's," he added.

TL has put in acknowledgement that he is seriously working not sleeping most of his fans thinks,and again will do his best to bring out his best out of his upcoming studio album so expect a great tracks coming from him below video as he speak about his arrest.

Prevouly on Topstars we updated with TL with Drake in a Topic how love can prove respect.Drake and Troy Lanez new a friends after they ditch out beef Like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj.On his instagram account the TL show up with a post depicting a cation show a respect to Drake.see below

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