Top 10 Action Bronson Tracks & Video

Action Bronson Tracks & Video
[See Nicki Minaj And Nas Here]-Action Bronson is one the artist in label who loves Music which he is in to. Action Bronson followers might end up hating him just because of the thing he normally put himself in or the way he lives his life as a star but if you are one this people am talking about i thing you only hate Action Bronson on one particular something but you will love Action Bronson songs and most of Action Bronson Music and video always makes meaning. Action Bronson father 9s is a Muslim and his Mother is a Jewish Mother we are also told that the rapper parents also help in rising Chef right from his childhood.

 Action Bronson Music life has so many thing to do with Chef, Action Bronson and Chef had a long years in Music,sound,vers and lyrics just to make sure they excel and because of this it came to our mind that he is good partner with Chef. The rapper also had a bad accident were he broke his leg in the Kitchen during some home activities. Action Bronson broke his leg and it lasted for some weeks before he finally start making a working.But do you know Action Bronson Real name? i mean what is the original Name Of Action Bronson?. This is one the things his fans face during some years.Fans really want to bring Action Bronson on board but the rapper never wanted to do such but finally Arian Asllani is a name from his Mom and Dad.

Action Bronson is here on Thetopstars as we are going to highlight it in a clear view of Arian Asllani TO 10 ACTION BRONSON TRACKS and VIDEOS.But before we start the 10 essential action Bronson tracks,on 2011 the year  Action Bronson became more popular in the world i guess.Action Bronson project Dr. Lecteris is one of the best album of 2011 and he made a lot of vast dos with it during that year.However we are about to list out the top 10 tracks of Action Bronson as we start in a seconds below.

No.1, Important Goods

Important Good is of the best track of Action Bron only amplified by is larger than life bars, and its been that way since the beginning. This 2010 cut proves that the Queens MC has never had a shortage of over the head, extraordinary lines referencing a range of things from sex and drugs to food, cars and below.

No.2.Larry Csonka

During that same year No 2 Laarry Csonka is one of the best sale ling track in his 2011 project which is  Dr. Lecter.the track went as expected also earn for his at the same time.So all you have to do now is play it here with us o cloud.listen below.

No.3.Mike Vick

You may have encounter this particular track from him during 2012 album meaning that in 2012 he also got and album also during the year he collaborated with may artist s as required like Alchemist Rare.the track in name MIKE VICK is also one his hit song as of 2012.

No.4.Heel Toe

Another line of rapper Action Bronson is the track titled Heel Toe,the as made a lucrative out fit given to him but we also knew Action Bron as a person who is good in selecting track beat to each of any music or in any project that he is working on as studio hit.Heel Toe keep reminding us about the rapper intention over his music best in meaning Heel will continue to leading as one of his best track so far

It goes without saying that Action Bronson's Blue Chips mixtape series is classic and iconic.. "9-24-11" is possibly one of the greatest moments from the series as it is truly a lyrical epic that spans almost two years.Listen Below No.6.The 9-24-2013

Here you will only need to see yourself how good Action Bronson is No.7.Twin Peugeots

Action B strike it again the Twin Peugeote track like no other project.Action B spent a lot of dos to make sure Twin Peugeots get the world best so he work and work to make sure it strike a better line in his album during that particular year. "Twin Peugeots" is the type of track that combines both of these aspects in the most wonderful triumphant venue and the added assistance of Big Body Bess and Mac Miller elevates the track that much more.see below. No.8.Triple Backflip Action Bronson,what is he talking about this line,come and hold my dick while I take a piss Shake it off, put it back in my boxer shorts Ride in the drop top lobster Porsche,yeah that's how he took it over his lyrics on Triple below.


No.9.Actin Crazy

 The nigger got many things to talk about and if we are talking about his album Mr Wonderful,Actin Crazy is some how crazy indeed but it normally leap out the best of A.B and that's one of the reason we all love A.B.after listening to this track you actually be something else in good aspect.see below. No.10.Durag Vs. Headband 

But the track is missing in all the project which A.B has but we are also complaining about this because many fans wonder why the track line is not included in any project and it seem hurt most of his fans.listen and see the goodness of Action Bronson A.B. No.11.Honorable Mention:

 The Chairman's Intent As we all await the marvelous Blue Chips 7000, many of us are at the edge of our seats, nail biting and swooning with anxious anticipation. The hype is partially because of the heritage of the Blue Chips saga, but also due to the string of cinematic singles Action Bronson has released recently. "The Chairman's Intent" is both a movie and a symphonic movement. Bronson is as graceful on the beat as he is in the video while he kicks the asses of multiple neerdowells and thugs.Long story short, Blue Chips 7000 is about to be lit, so be prepared to enjoy with the company of a nice meal and good drugs, just like Bronson would like you too.


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