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What do you think about the Name Bill Gates,but i guess that the name a is riding as the major reason why lot of hustlers are try to embed life to suite the name Bill Gate.You might be catch up your struggling by trying to move a bit step like that above name but not just that you are fighting for a reason but the purpose is that you trying to be more high like Bill Gates who is currently and always the highest richest man all round the world.Now the wealth has gone beyond expectation,everyone thinking more about him bringing in issue to give a typical example of him,examining the each other just for a future maintenance but do you ever think how he live his life.One of the catch of guide you gonna encounter on Top today is how Bill Gates spend days though living his life as a richest man on earth with out racist.

Gates keeps busy. He stepped down from Microsoft in 2006. Since then he has been very involved in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He is also one of the architects of the Giving Pledge.But what about the rest of the day?

Bill Gates is a nice man who love exercising body fit specially when it appears that he is not traveling either by land,air,sea or what the rich man always fit to weak away from own residency to another.

The waterfront mansion is over 66,000 square feet. The Pacific Lodge-style home took seven years and $63 million to build. Three hundred workers were required to build the house, of which more than one hundred were electricians who installed an estimated 52 miles of optic cables. That sounds about right for a man who made his billions founding a software company! The Gates estate is estimated to be worth a stunning $124 million.

What Does Bill Gates Like In Brake Fast?

Do you ever call Bill Gates for  break fast which we do refer as the first and growing body meal of Bill Gates enjoy taken in Cocoa Puffs cereal as the Melinda can also prove with us.Bill Gates don't normally call it a food during the brake fast rather he takes Cocoa Puffs and skip the Morning for.

What Does Bill Gates Do After Brake Fast?

Bill Gates call it a life whenever he work on treadmill,watches DVDs from the Great Courses series from the Teaching Company or views online courses from MIT's OpenCourseware, Academic Earth, and others. Sometimes, he opts to play tennis instead.Of course, Gates checks the headlines of major newspapers including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Economist every morning.

Throughout his day, his schedule is broken up into five minute intervals. Every single moment of the day is carefully planned and he keeps track of his day by taking notes.

What Does  Bill Gates Do During Lunchtime

At lunchtime, Gates has a favorite go-to meal he prefers. The billionaire loves his cheeseburgers.
He is a voracious reader and time is set aside each day to read. In his 66,000 square foot house there are a lot of places to settle in with a book, but Gates often chooses to sit down and read in his enormous, domed-roofed library.

Gates also sets aside time to spend with his three kids. Gates has often said that spending time with his family is his favorite way to pass the time. He also enjoys weekend bridge games.
At the end of the day, we all need a way to unwind for bed and the world's richest man isn't any different. However, how he chooses to unwind is rather unusual. He does chores. Every night, Gates rolls up his sleeves and does the dishes.

What Dose Bill Gate Do Before Getting To Bed

When he heads to bed, he makes sure that he has enough time for seven hours of sleep.And that's the way the richest man in the world spends his typical day.

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