Taylor Swift ''Look What You Made Me Do'' Single Seem Like A Diss To Nicki Minaj And Kanye West

What are you saying about Taylor Swift  "Look What You Made Me Do''? is the track a diss given to Nicki Minaj and Kanye west.After the released of the single it seem that's another story to talk about. On August 25, 2017 fans believes that Nicki Minaj is not about Taylor Swift new single  ''Look What You Made Me Do'' after she tweeted on twitter with the post below.

As we updated.Now it surfaced again with the same track of Taylor Swift ''Look What You Made Me Do'' but this time is going to Kanye family.Kim
Kardashian is advising his husband to Retaliate Against Taylor Swift.But might be the reason why she want her husband to take action on the new single of Taylor Swift.The track is also speaking about the Famous Hitmaker which Kim can see it via the verse line in ''Look What You Made Me Do''see blow
"I don't like your little games/ I don't like your tilted stage," Taylor sings on the vengeful song. "The role you made me play: of the fool/ No, I don't like you/ The world moves on/ Another day another drama, drama/ But not for me, not for me/ All I think about is karma."
Source told that Kim is truly want to know what Taylor Swift is all about as she asked that is the Lyrics talking about her husband Kanye west. "What are her lyrics even about? Is the whole song about Kanye?"  she asked.

Hmm Kim,she want her husband to take charge over what she thinks Taylor Swift is stalking with her track.she's just sitting on the fence never want to wash in mouth in to what she want to explain to her husband but want Kanye west to revenge to Taylor Swift new single.source told Radar Online.

Kanye west was once talk about Taylor Swift on 2016 over the lyrics of his song "Famous" now it a revenge  from the ''Look What You Made Me Do'' singer which Kim thinks she's killing her husband with the track. "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/ Why? I made that b**ch famous."Knaye said to Taylor Swift during his Famous .
"Kim was so glad that she recorded that phone call between Kanye and Taylor because she thinks Taylor is a total liar and a fake. She knew she had to have to truth to get out there. And now she’s going to let Kanye do the dirty work."
source said. Let's just watch out if Kanye is willing to give any attention to Taylor Swift about her new single ''Look What You Made Me Do''. It seem she's using the track to revenge the attack they made on her.Nicki Minaj was once beef with her on 2015.

Kim Kardashian Wants Kanye West to Retaliate Against Taylor Swift

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