Rihanna And Boyfriend Hassan Go On Hang Out

Rihanna And Boyfriend Hassan Go On Hang Out
[See Usher Low Key Profile]-Rihanna and the new boyfriend has it again on dinner night.this the first time that Rihanna and Hassan spent a night just to experience a new dinner night with each other.Rihanna and Hassan hang out is one of the night both ever had and it took place on Wednesday just in the night time.The Billionaire Hassan count it as one of his dinner Night he ever had and was so exited to Spent that little time with Rihannna.

Last week we can be refer it to be Rihanna week cus it was full of expectation as she visited Barbados for the 2017 Crop Over Carnival.During that time, she also jet off to Hassan house to have some hang out with him.In fact Riri is loving the B man with all desire and the lovebirds are seriously acting like a married Husband and Wife as their action speak for them.Rihanna and Hassan had their hang out in a restaurant called Firehouse restaurant which is in London.

Rihanna on a high heel and put on black dress while working along with Hassan on a sexy fit.both spent nice day in restaurant of Firehouse and some photos were captured while they gave each time and both letter head over.in the black photo Rihanna is still catching the mind of her fans. They conclude that she's getting fat in new photo.source close to their hang out told that Riri is look that fat unlike before and also added that she might added more if not engaging in exercise.see  below
Rihanna And Boyfriend Hassan Go On Hang Out
Last two days that was when Chris brown Narrated how he hit up with Rihanna blaming himself for dating Rihanna.Chris Brown explained bitterly after claiming that ''he felt like a f***ing monster''. Chris hits up four point about the time he was dating Rihanna before they wave their Relationship on air and each go on separate ways.However, Chris Brown also Love Rihanna because he keep talking about her in a relevant matters.You can also check on Everything You Need To Know About Rihanna's New Beau Hassan Jameel.

Rihanna steps In London With Boyfriend Hassan Amidst Chris Brown Documentary Drama

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