Nicki Minaj Takes A New Shade On Meek Mill Via Fergie's Single

Nicki Minja x Meek Mill fergies single
[Watch Now Trailers Here]-She was recently got featured on a new track with Fergie new single,as we updated on Top following her rising up her on gospel version (Nicki Minaj). Now a new swirling,the diva has been reportedly making a new shade on her Ex B Meek Mill in a track line of  Fergie  named ''You Already Know'' she remove Meek Mill Reference in the new single which was ft by and i think by now most of you have listen to the track as we embedded it yesterday in our update,if no you can still go back to our last update to get more clue of what we trying to say.

In Rap,she first took it this way,"Damn, they ain't seen young Nicki in a week," but it wasn't always that way. According to US Weekly, a leaked version of the song, along with some other tracks from Fergie's sophomore album Double Dutchess, made its way onto the internet a few months back, and contained a different line in place of the one from the official version.

Now on the Demo version she made her rap this way "Damn, I ain't seen Meek Mill-y in a week," she added.thinking of this,Nick Minaj and Meek Mill might have recorded the verse line may that time they are together. With that in mind, it makes sense that Nicki would opt to change the lyric, as it would likely send mixed messages if it were left in source said.

Many also asking why she did that but her mind is to remove the line which never suite her.Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj has never call their relationship back but we are still wondering if Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill are going to reconcile with each other which will never seem so easy after the shot they throw themselves on social media as of last year 2016.

Meek Mill and Nicki broke up following a trip to Turks and Caicos last December though even before they had their first breaks things are not in the right way because they are still smiling their relationship will soon cut off as soon as pos.

Nick has made some good ft collaboration which she link herself with  "You Already Know","Rake It Up,","No Flag,", "You Da Baddest,","Skrt On Me," "Realize," and "Swish Swish". This are the TOP NICKI MINJA 2017 COLLABO as of now and also she's still working on new singles.what do yo think?.

Nicki Minaj Removed A Meek Mill Reference From Her Verse On Fergie's Single

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