Nicki Minaj "Painfully Reclusive" Makes Her Get Out Of Bed-She Said

Nicki Minaj "Painfully Reclusive"
Avoiding the company of other people is making Nicki Minaj think of double mind.She took ot on Instagram few hours disclosing how painful to reclusive on that moment she was on off season and also tell us how it was music specifically when bring collabs with Ariana Grande and Jason Derulo — that convinced her to get out of bed.

Nicki Minaj Just post saying
"Got some more [platinum] plaques today,"

she also show a photo art of Side To Sid,Nicki Minaj mentioned God,Jehovah Jireh, my provider after she explaining her season of off.
"Look at God. Jehovah Jireh, my provider. Both of these songs were sent to me during my off season when I was turning everything down & being painfully reclusive. I remember rolling out of bed for both of these even tho I rlly just wanted to watch reruns of Snapped & Forensic Files."

She Continue again by adding
>"Now they've both gotten me so many plaques in so many diff countries," she continued. "Thank you to Ari & Jason for trusting me w/your work. To the ppl all around the world who show us your support, I love you."

After this explanation,may be we have to think if her "Painfully Reclusive" is some how link with her ex Meek Mill if we should call in their split time.she conclude saying she has some big deal in the store to show up.
"I have some great things in store for my day 1's...and I will elaborate on that time in my life on my 4th album," she wrote, adding, "Go out there and live, you guys. Just go for it."
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Nicki Minaj Describes Being "Painfully Reclusive" During Her Off Season

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