Nicki Minaj Is Not Beefing With Cardi B

[Were To Watch Trailers]-Who is the female celebrity that always like to beef with fellow celeb?,is not Nicki minaj despite she is facing a lot of Dem Nicki Is simple and always be.source said.Nicki minaj is not beefing with Cardi B and she has kill the rumored story that's complaining she's robbing a face with Cardi B.Bet has report that Nicki Minaj on a show down in Miami nightclub over the weekend, bobbing her head to Cardi's "Bodak Yellow." Sure, it may not seem like much, but in this day and age, where it's not unusual for artists to request that songs by their rivals not be played in their presence, it's gotta count for something.
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Nicki Minaj and Cardi B not beefing even at the same weekend both also spotted and Card B was also figured out with Nicki Minaj "Rake It Up," and i in a situation like this i can refer it to be no incendiary given to each other.— Cardi (@CardiReigns) July 31, 2017
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