'Mr. Robot' Trailer Season 3 Watch Now-Elliot get shooed

Mr Robot Trailer Season was brought to by USA Network with the new full visual the anticipating.Elliot carried it out by getting shot following the second season finale,while Tyrell Wellick yells up,''He believes that i wasn't real and that made me to pull off the trigger''  Elliot never die after the shot from Tyrell but succeeded during the victim.

Elliot survives and soon is facing the consequences of actions taken by his second personality Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) who insists,

"I am the architect... We still have plenty of work to do."

Meanwhile, Darlene (Carly Chaikin) looks terrified as she says,

"Dark Army turned on us... I think I'm next." Elliot says, "Stage 2 was never called off,"

and adds later,

"I can stop this,"

but Mr Robot insist and never believe his mind on what he is saying . There's a glimpse of chaos in the streets and Irving (Bobby Cannavale) with two men pointing their guns to someone unseen. Whiterose (B. D. Wong) is boasting,

 "If you pull the right strings, a puppet will dance any way you desire." Dom (Grace Gummer) says, "Something is happening... It could be big," 

While (Portia Doubleday) tells Darlene, " Finally here comes he end timeof E Corp." Elliot is not happy that

"so many people are going to die."
He takes eyes on shaken as he sees protesters outside E Corp headquarters.

"If we don't do anything... there'll be no coming back from this," 

he says.
The season of ''Mr.Robot'' expected to arrive on Wednesday, October 11 at 10 P.M. ET on USA Network as premiere.If you are watch the ''Mr.Robot'' and keep following the series line,you should remember on July when the producer and creator spook about what ''Mr.Robot'' 3 is all about.

Elliot is coming to kill people who made him a slave and he is bouncing back  as a revenge and thats also the mean of Mr.Robot season three 3.Elliot isn't going to take this lying down." In other words, Elliot will try to stop his alter ego Mr. Robot from killing more people to carry out his goal of bringing down E Corp.

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