Meek Mill Charged Over Endangerment In NYC-Wins & Losses Got Arrested

meek mill arrest
Meek is arrested,what a new report with meek mill and the problem is that he was involved on  Endangerment In NYC.Meek Mill is facing a new charged that has to do with Court order.Now,why was Meek Mill arrested in NYC?. The reason why he was arrested is owing to his reckless driving or Endangerment with his bike making the NYC police to capture him over the act.TMZ Meek Mill going to jail because of his Reckless driving?,probable No!.

Meek Mill was held just to face and answer some questions why he choose to engaged in such misdemeanor.You all knew Meek as someone who like riding bike and this time he took he 4 wheel drive,driving through the major road while traffic is not in control at that very time and that has been the main reason wins and Losses was arrested.source told us that the only way he was track down is through his wind of his wild.

Most of his fans on instagram condemn and slammed him for such activities after he posted the encounter with the NYC police on instagram account.while in the police custody,making everything more clear about this indecent,one of the police rise a question asking if he was
"riding around on a motorcycle yesterday?” and the police man can prove it more clear that he caught him on a video.Meek Mill was blamed off riding a dirty bike as someone who witness the victim about Meek Mill said.

TMZ and Complex has reported his case been realistic,and one of the site said that
on an open complaint on reckless endangerment see below
"He was arrested for an open complaint on reckless endangerment," a spokesperson confirmed. "Apparently he was seen on social media driving recklessly on a dirt bike. Police encountered him today and arrested him. He's already been removed to Central Booking, and he'll be going to court now."
As for now wins and losses is still battling with NYC Police custody but no official news or story that Meek is being dragged inside the jail as for now and we are hoping to see him soon to drive his dirty bike home as source told.yesterday on our update with billboard Hot 200 Meek Mill Album is making a good record just in the week but Kendrick Lamar's "DAMN." is the king among all as we updated on August 17, 2017(Yesterday).

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