Meek Mill And Son Hits New Studio Previews

Meek Mill New Studio-Work-Son
Following Meek Mill arrest with last week with his charge on him about his reckless driving and Reckless endangerment which landed him on police custody were he answer some query why he was in reckless driving on the point of traffic.Though he finally released from the police custody after the judges granted him amnesty due to his firm.After the troubles Meek Mill was seen in on a press were she condemn the charges on him also talk about family proving that he is a family man which you and i can side for Meek Mill Just for that.

But in other highlight from Meek his statement also appears on IG.While last night, he previewed some new music while he was in the studio. Today, he got right back in the booth except he brought his son with him.

Meek Mill on studio with his son,after the son dancing some of his music like Chris Brown and Daughter which who most often previews some line with his child.On the IG post from Meek Mill,he act as a hypeman behind the camera while his son also rise some voice for him.see the captioned on Meek Mill post.
"Papi laid this in 10 mins #NEWSINGLEALERT" followed by three laughing emojis. While it's not entirely certain whether this will actually end up anywhere, it's safe to say that his done definitely takes after his father. The clip showed Meek's son in a room covered with blue neon lights. He's seen dancing with the hook playing "What do I got? I got all this green money."
While the song roll on the King singer gear his voice just on background.Meek also use his IG post to render more emphasis about his story of his son actually recording.In more synopsis about his post,we most refer it as an impact which the ''Issue'' singer trying to rise up his son as a future take over after his music Life.Peek blow post.
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Meek Mill Previews Studio Session With His Son

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