Mayweather Fans Is Not Fully Hoping For Him To Win The Saturday Boxing Match Between Conor

saturday boxing match
Source told Page6ix earlier yesterday that Mayweather going to have his best in boxing match between Conor McGregor on Saturday which has been an anticipated.don't be filmed on you gonna see during the match cus never predict the boxing match but as the site has it the Mayweather not guaranteed he will win Conor meaning their will be a lot who are going to losses their betting if at all that should precipitate.  
“Some people around him are hoping Floyd puts on a good fight, but that he goes down,” a marketing pro headed to Las Vegas told us. “If McGregor loses, no one wants to see Floyd kick his ass again. If Floyd wins, there may not be a second fight to get another $200 million. If he loses, he’s guaranteed another fight, another payday.”

The Boxer Mayweather  also said that after the Saturday match is going to be his last in the boxing ring.But the source told the site that some in Mayweather’s camp — who get a windfall whenever Mayweather fights — see a silver lining in the unexpected case of a loss: a rematch as the site added.

A source close to the undefeated boxing champ, who’s favored to pummel McGregor, said that the only people in Mayweather’s orbit who would wish such a thing are “sponges.” “Floyd would rather die than lose,” said the insider. And as far as anyone around him, “nobody in his inner circle would even suggest that! Maybe some people who sponge off him and try to send him deals.”
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Why some close to Mayweather are secretly hoping for a loss

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