Master P Condemn Kevin Hart Pulling On His Fellow Celebrities For A Free will Donations to Hurricane Harvey In Texas

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[]One of the celeb has it as a bad influence when watching it from side Conner. The news following Texas Hurricane Harvey relief has reflected to Master P viewing it as a hogwash so far, though lets think so.

Yesterday been 29 August the  flood consideration from various celebrities given to Texas surfaced on Top after Kevin Hart set in peaceful mind to the indecent having it place few days ago.During his synopsis on Twitter he option out to people to give whatever it can cost to save lives and the surrounding as the Hurricane Harvey got some individual residency a homeless.

After a series of his mindful heart following his speech which was highlighted on social media also tagging celebrities like Jay Z, Beyonce, The Rock, & Justin Timberlake,saying 

Im testing a great deal of my VIP companions to take after my lead and giving $25,000 to Hurricane Harvey, to the Red Cross” Kev said. “Now, this is a genuine issue. I think the general population are not doingso good, and they require offer assistance. Im going to lead the energize and venturing along these lines

Meanwhile some of the celebrities like Nicki Minaj,Dj Khaled,T.I and more further due participated on the freewill Donation to the Hurricane Harvey relief in Texas and it blow up more when Breezy Buzz with
$100,000 in assisting yesterday Top.Master P made good choice,giving out what he ought to give as a giver from heart.But something seem not in the fondness basis on how Kevin Hart sentenced his feeling to the
Hurricane Harvey relief .in Master P comment In a clip TMZ captured,saying
"Im blessed Kevin Hart made a donation, but I don't feel like he need to do that because it’s not necessary. A Lot of people are gon’ do what they want to do. It’s they’ money.” P said. “I Don't think you need to do that to other people. I mean just let them give from their heart” he added.
Well,if we are to watch it over again,Master P lead the brief interview with TMZ,he immense the rate of celebrities donating more but he wanna condemn it by drawing the clue in between Kevin and the Hurricane Harvey In Texas on social media.Freewill donation is not a competition,Master P Believes as we do. watch Master P video below while he talks.

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Master P Says Kevin Hart Shouldn’t Force Celebs Into Donating To Hurricane Harvey

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