Lil Wayne Has Right Over His "Tha Carter V" Weezy Plans Putting It Out At Any Moment

"Tha Carter V"
[This Photo Tells A Lot In The Relationship-The Weeknd And Gomez Took It Again]-Still fighting with the Cash Money Records,Lil Wayne strongly believes that he can do anything for his ''Carter V'',but like seriously Lil The Weezy no wanna have enough about his album which has taken a long way with his boss Birdman.If you want to know everything about Lil wanye and Birdman i think all you have to do right away is just to flash back starting from the scratch.

Lil Wayne and Birdman story is like a living stone because the beef/feud is growing day in and day out.Most of you don't know how Liltunechi feels about his album but however, he is leaping his mind over his album.

In an interview almost in full time sat down with with Q93’s Wild Wayne.Lil the rapper open up clearly about his album Tha carter V which is on suspension which most of his fans keep losing hope about it because he keep prolonging the album though not his fault.

Now in the interview,he made the most essence of his Carter V rounding it up that he have full power over when C5 sees release, but he's not about to let it go until a few things are settled meaning that Carter V C5 should be expected any anytime if we should reason his meaning.see below.

As we also we also clap on his comment saying
"Honestly, I can do what I want at any time," he revealed. "The fans deserve it to be right and that’s how it’s gonna be. I’ma make sure it’s right. I can drop whatever I want to drop. That’s why I keep dropping whatever I want to drop."
he said.

If you can watch,Lil wezzy music has been online for us to download.many current tracks from Lil Wayne has surfaced on cloud without Birdman intention and with this you lets just conclude that he is like seriously working on what he said about The Carter V.But is Lil wayne presenting The Carter V in the wrong way?.

As he continue with his conversation with Q93’s Wild,he slammed it if people are thinking that The Carter V is coming via the wrong way basis on his boss is not in part with it.Mirror creator sound it loud that he is not given the Cart V in the wrong as he took it to himself."I'm not gonna give them Carter V the wrong way," he added.

Lil Wayne and his Boy Lil Twist are almost done with the album The Carter V and we previously updated about Lil Wayne and Lil Twist were the little Twist said that Him and Weezy are the only people having the The Carter V on their I phone. were not pretty sure if the album is dropping soon but weezy is sounding like he is about to land with his new awaiting project.

Lil was caught earlier i the month that the both Dedication 6 and a project titled Funeral would see release in the future. Whether that will be before or after the final Carter installment is anyone's guess.what do you think? drop your comment and share with us.

Lil Wayne Says He Can Put Out "Tha Carter V" Whenever He Wants

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