Laverne Cox & Beyonce Leaked Their New Track In A New Project

 Laverne Cox & Beyonce Leaked Their New Track In A New Project
[See Rihanna and B Here]-Queen B told us that she's on her new project which she never disclosed the new of her new studio work.Her fans has been lingering to know what Beyonce is up to after her birth of twins and for all the while is seem not has been done after lirst taboring.On August 01, 2017 we updated that Beyonce is working on her new album and today let's talk about Beyonce new album which name has not being told.Bey will be dropping a new album as she work it underground.

Laverne Cox is a hug fan of Beyonce and she has bring in Queen be in her new upcoming project which she recently unveiled on social media.According to the 45 years old  Laverne Cox,on a sit down with Hollywood,she expressed herself comfortably to announced her new project is collaborating with B.Remember that Queen B Beyonce is about to don in a verse since she's ot from labor room meaning that everybody is good to see the songbirds hit their voice together.

"I have no idea, to be perfectly honest. I'm like, does she pick out her biggest fans ever and let them work with her? It's pretty amazing."
she added when ask,during the interview on sit.As you watch the video below,it shows the interview with Laverne Co talking about her new project with Beyonce in the first time.
She also took it on twitter to announce the upcoming p , "Yes it's true," she wrote. "I am she said.
When Laverne Cox got her advantage is the time both of met at in Germany just for the first time in their life since then Beyonce and Laverne Cox are close and now she is bring in Beyonce in her project after Rumi and sir arrived the world.Laverne also forward her expression over Beyonce after she met her.She said that was like OH MY GOD at that moment she met her in Germany.

"Many times I imagined meeting Beyonce and every time I imagined it I was in tears and I was like, 'Oh my God, I cannot like freak out and cry.' But it's amazing when you meet the queen and calm covers you."
She said. she also continue saying
"I walked over and I was strangely calm and she was sitting there and everyone was surrounding her--because she's Beyonce and she's the queen," she added. "And then she saw me and her face lit up, and she was like, 'Help me up!'--she's pregnant so she needed some help up. I was like, 'I'll help you up,' and she got up and gave me a big hug."
Bey assiduousness is making impact after she gave birth,as source has,B is working hard to meet up with some tours in her mind in meaning that she will definitely show up with something expectation from her fans. "She has been recording new material and is planning a surprise tour for her fans too--expect an
an announcement soon. She is more determined than ever and feels inspired by having her babies recently." as an insider added.

As we also updated with the couple jay and Bey,they employ about 18 employees to assist them to figure most of their work out. Jay z and the wife are seriously getting things for their children since this year 2017. I think by now everything is alright since she gave birth to Rumi and Sir.

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