Kanye West And Justin Bieber Manager To Battle For Governorship?

Governor ship election
[Can Wale Bring Wizkid And Davido Together?]-Is a rival since the Kanye mat with the USA president Donald Trump,it was speculated that their meeting is coming for something else which is currently surfacing online now as a result of Governorship.Kanye previously told us that he is ready to battle for USA president in the next up year but as the kardashian husband vow is his words it seem he is going contrary to his expectation.

However,as the election keep precipitating over a reason of  democracy,he has decide to be a part under governorship election which is coming soon.the internet also believes that he will be battling with Justin bieber manager whose name is popularly known as Scooter Braun.As we convey the pair contester in soon to com Governorship,we should grab it categorically that Kanye and Scooter Braun running their campaign as soon as possible

Justin Bieber Manger Scooter Braun who is well known is said to meet the California democrats just to assist him in running for governorship.source also said that Braun is only have to meet the California people enable him to run for the near upcoming election. Another source in particular also cites the fact that the current candidates - Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom and former Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa - are both flawed, which could open up an opportunity to galvanize the public's want for change.

Well,it should also come to our mind that the name in particular ''Scooter Braun'' is coming to run for political power is not the first time he is doing it because we also remember as last year that he but a form to run for a power.

Source also told that Braun is not 100% sure to run the political elect...owing owing to what his intention is all about,but if at he is going to be part that means he will be battling with Kanye west the upcoming governor cont ester, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and former L.A. mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. This are the people who are ready for the Governorship contest and some might also join the line.

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