John Cena Maintain His Dignity After His Fans Surprise Him

One the things John Cena has done to his friends that makes him to be one of the cheerful giver is the time Cena Link up with  Cricket, makes a surprise to his fans.are you a fan of John Cena you are lucky to be because he is happy to be yours too.Last year 2016,one of the big and popular wrestler John Cena surprise and prank his fans with Cricket wireless,Now in this year 2017,it happened that fans of John Cena has redirect their love over Cena,surprising he with a great impression after they have acknowledged how John Cena changed the live of so many people and also thank him about his ''NEVER GIVE UP'' motto which he normally use during WWE match.

As Cricket partner with John Cena,at least there's a good 88% opportunity for them to know more better with just or as John Cena react with his fans of WWE.well,as CT (Cricket) unveiled a new good work of the wrestler John Cena, with his live changing towards his helping many fans and they are waiting to express it about how they feel about him.What touches most of John Cena fans is when Cricket Wireless drops about four messages from (John Cena fans) showing how he saves lives of so many people even with his MOTTO: ''NEVER GIVE UP''

In the video below you are about to watch if you are a fan of John Cena you should understand that Cena been  wrestlers is not because he want to be in the game but to entertain his fans that he so much cares about.As the Cricket Wireless report the massage,some number of people gave out testimony about how he save lives as we said.

people who are inspired by John, including a young man who nearly died after getting hit by a car, a man who was depressed after losing his parents and a woman who was inspired to never give up in her efforts adopting a daughter. However, the professional wrestler has no idea that everyone who wrote the letters are listening backstage.

John Cena himself has severally received a lot of thanks from people and at this time Cena needs to shade tears grabbing a white tissue to help him accept a thanks coming from a boy whose name is Tyler.Tyler is a boy that make John Cena feels it.the boy and his mom walk up to Cena at home to thank him during the time his mom was facing a breast cancer.the little boy said that during all this time of hardship and pains from his mom,Cena is the only person as a superstars encouraged him and tell him to focus and Never Give Up and he also helped him during strange the time.

The WWE superstar breaks down in tears as Tyler and his mother suddenly come into the room to thank him personally.
Cena might not be your favorite WWE star but what he does makes a way for him we will count on him during the year 2009, he became Wish Ambassador for Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Grab a Tissue! John Cena Breaks Down in Tears After Being Surprised by Fans in Emotional Video

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