How Travis Scott Spent More On Kylie Jenner Birthday?

travis scott new birthday gift to kylie jenner
The internet has it break again with Travis Scott and The reality TV star Kylie Jenner.comparing Travis Scott with Tyga just during the dating of Kylie Jenner is a competing race because Travis is trying to do everything possible to keep the Heart of the new lover of his life.He recently celebrated with Kylie Jenner on her birthday and we knew it that before he stars the celebration Travis Scott bought a nice gift to the lover which said to be a Brown New Orchestra and Butterfly Chain.

Travis came back for Kile Jenner to show which vast dollars worth it $60,000.Yeah the amount of money he gave Kylie Jenner for her Birthday gift after he gave out Orchestra and Butterfly Chain to Kylie Jenner after the Cosmetic Girl Kylie Jenner learned that her makeup company is worth around $400 million.Travis Scott might be beating Tyga against Kylie Jenner Lover because Travis Scott is actually making everything realistic to as the source said.Th Butterfly Chain and Orchestra has been made by Travis Scott which he to Trav hit up jeweler Elliot Avianne two weeks in advance to have the necklace created, crafted with 28 carats of VVS diamonds.

Now If we should flash back with Tyga and Kylie Jenner relationship which was hated and at a point they wave it aside and move to another relationship.Tyga,we all knew that he bought a Benz for Kylie Jenner during her Birthday ceremony,however what he did seem no big to the TV star owing what tyga was actually facing during that period of hard-up and she even bough a car for him after his Ferrari was repossession. what do you think?who spent high in Kylie Jenner Birthday?.

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