How Old Is Kim Kardashian And Why Did She Lie On Instagram?

how old is Kim Kardashian now
Kim is taking above her age as fans caught her on that.[See C Ronaldo,Son and Twins]-Yesterday on IG she posted a throw-back photo showing herself just on vacation day and her caption on the post can be questionable via her fans.on her IG account she captioned it saying
"When is National Ice Cream Day? (This pic was taken by when I was 15. First trip to Europe on tour with the Eagles.) Allison & I made a journal of this trip. I'm gonna look for it & post it on my app!"

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On a personal issue a fan immediately commented the to prove how old she looks on the photo,
"You do not look 15. Lol at all," one fan wrote. Another chimed in, writing, "U look like 25 in this!
the first commented and two fans follow up saying
"So why is the guy in the back with a cell phone on his hands? Back in those days we didn't have cellphones!! FAKE!"
"She's literally always been gorg,"
On May 23, 2017 Kim was blasted over the Manchester attack were she shared her condolences via Twitter after learning of the terror attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester

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