Here Comes The Full Winners Of MTV 2017 Award-Kendrick Lamar Leads The Award

 MTV 2017 Award
Kendrick Lamar is the best artist of the year 2017,we also recall with rapper when his album rock as one on Billboard Hot 100 yet the he also rock the best with MTV VIDEO AWARD as we updated on Topstars.Now it surfaced once aging with Lamar leaping with a big deal among the fellow contesters just in MTV.While we enjoy the bandwidth with the award winning Kendrick Lamar,MTV also brought another new category just in this year called Best Fight Against the System Award which is honored to those who reflect "the audience's passion and activism surrounding environmental justice, immigration, LGBTQ and racial justice."

During the show, Susan Bro, the mother of Heather Heyer who was tragically killed while protesting in Charlottesville, appeared to announce that there were six winners in Best Fight Against the System category instead of one. The winners included Big Sean, Logic, Alessia Cara, Damian Lemar Hudson, John Legend, Shailene Woodley and Taboo. Aside from revealing the winners, Susan announced Heather Heyer Foundation, a nonprofit organization that will provide scholarships to "help more people join Heather's fight against hatred." "Only 15 days ago, my daughter was killed as she protested racism," she said. "I miss her, but I know she's here tonight."
"I'm deeply moved to see people across the world, all over the world, be inspired by her courage," she continued. "I'm announcing the Heather Heyer Foundation, a nonprofit for scholarships. I don't want Heather to die in vain. I want people to know that Heather never marched alone. She was joined by people of every race and every background across the country."
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MTV Video Music Awards 2017: The winners list

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