Gucci Mane I Get The Bag Feat Migos Now Available Online

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[Are You A Woman See Here]-One of the new song of Gucci Mane I ''Get The Bag'' featuring Migos has hits online just few hours.last time,Gucci mane,the Get The Bag singer told us that his new track titled above is coming soon so finally the new track of Mane is now available to be download via the internet. Get The Bag Feat Migos is a team working that makes the New song go extremely interesting and you might even thing what Gucci Mane and Migos has for us or what they are talking about.

Gucci Mane is a working hard guy who keep in track of all his song weather old or New because since the summer Mane has been featuring most of the Popular artist and letter decide to share a new song with Migos which is currently downloadable as we said.One of Gucci Mane track that ignite so for is the one Featured by Selena Gomez fetisch which she drop the art work depicting were she was standing on the road while caring a bag.However another artist Mane ft is people like Ralo, Blackbear, Bebe Rexha which made his track looks more meaning as the verse roll on.

We also linked up with Gucci Mane and Chris Brown just during the June were he feat Chris Brown.Yeah,Gucci Mane Feat Chris Brown on a single called “Tone It Down,” after Chris Brown Feat Gucci Mane and Usher and one of his track and popular hits called 'Party' which wasn't in Chris Brown Leaked album yet Chris Brown finally unveiled his new album date which is on high anticipating starting from the day he announced his up coming album  Heartbreak which surfaced on Top on August 16, 2017.

Following his announcement online,categorically,he stated that his new upcoming album is now available but just in pre-oder  on I tune and he also said something about the releasing date of his album called the only thing left behind for Gucci Mane to complete his new album is just to make the track-list gets to that level he wants and also coming along with his new track ''Get The Bag''

With out much time we will like you to listen to the new song of Gucci Mane Get the bag and before you head over that online here is the lyrics guiding you to sing and rap with Gucci Mane with His New Track Get The Bag.peek below.

Gucci Mane Get The  Bag Lyrics Blow

You get the bag and fumble it, I get the bag and flip it and tumble it
Straight out the lot, 300 cash, and the car came with a blunt in it
Lil mama a thot, and she got ass, and she gon' fuck up a bag
Pull up to the spot, living too fast, droppin' the dope in the stash
In Italy, got two foreign hoes, they DM me
Drop the top, when it's cold but you feel the heat
Be real with me, keep it 100, just be real with me
Eat it up like it's a feast, they say the dope on flee

- Quavo

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