First Photo Of 'Paul Okoye Twins' Appears On Topstars For The First Time

Psqure paul Okoye twins
[See Sarkodie On Topstars]-We have launched the first Photo  of the twins of Paul Okeye One of Psquare.since the twin babies was born i think it was now it came to our Notice that the pair are doing great as the father unveiled how they are really looking.In the IG photo showing a baby boy and baby girl over each other body,is not a ramble the soon growing up kids has already made King and Queen as the Photo explained depicting them with a crown on their head.Paul Okoye the Nigeria singer/artist is a father of King and Queen to be.see below photo 
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The verified news once surface with us the day the mum put to birth it a very good they when we finally received the information that it was a twins Babies which we compare with Jay z and Beyonce as the couple also has the same blessing as twin babies,this was updated on July 09, 2017 base on we when got the info.that was great today he updated on Instagram account showing how they are doing.

Psquare can be refer as one the Nigeria musicians who got that passion on their music life and they also care for their fans.On August 12, 2017 just this Month they thank a fan for a nice art work showing how they was during childhood.

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