Drake's New Restaurant Taking Place In Toronto

Drake Pick6 Restaurant in Toronto
[Men New T-Shirt For You All]-Did Drake has a Restaurant? or is Drake opening another Restaurant for his fans?,the pair question should be answered with yes.He is combining with thing together to make more prolific in $Dos,Drake is a business,a music mougle and some other thing that keep bring his name on top of the world.we were told that he is doing this just because he find some interest on it after he pep on OVO crew putting in a new mansion that looks like flagship store in NYC.

OVO crew is might be teaming up with Drake because everything drake is doing is coming closer to OVO owls.But it just surprise all and sundry after Drake announced his New Restaurant at time nobody knows were he new BOYS AND GIRL joint might be heading to.Well,at last it happened that the Bill's Hot 100 history Breaker (Drake) was already having a new spot just close to the flagship store in NYC.Drake spot Restaurant is been called “The Pick 6.”Pick6 is an interception of football,semi- empling that it could be a sports bar, but I guess time will only tell. as source told us.
Just bear it that Drake is yet to unveiled more about this Restaurant called Pick 6 to his fans and we all over here are willing to be a Pick 6 costumer given to Drake.I think with have some IG post that will show us a typical exmaple of what we are trying to let you guys know about Pick 6 Restaurant.
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Drake Reportedly Opening New Restaurant In Toronto

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