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Drake Promise To Focusing On Billboard Chart Aiming 500 Weeks Some Other Time.

drake 500 weeks
Drake surprise us with his billboard Hot weeks falling out on the bills weeks which has not happened before meaning that this the first time he has ever think of experiencing that.Since 2009 Drake has been on billboard smashing with his track at a spot he slack back.

No matter how it look whether Drake is Featured on a track music or his Song, it most definitely have one on Billboard Hot 100.Drake is the super artist who streak above 300 in billboard weeks having the highest streak of the week just with 431 weeks and no artist is in a position to Drag the number with him but Drake disappointed his fans by Falling Off Billboard's Hot 100 For First Time In 430 Weeks.

Everybody worried about him,even the TMZ paparazzi have to walk over Drake asking how he feels about the recent Billboard week.While the TMZ reporter approaches him where he was spending some time in a OTA Restaurant in L.A,How do you fell about the Billboard hot week?,with out wasting a dem seconds he replied I need 500 weeks and he then head into his car.With no probable Drake will be focusing on 500 billboard weeks just to make some correction.

Drake also complain that he is being working on a New album after the More Life over took his stress and he is said to continue to put in more work.Drake a business man has already made up his mind to have a build up restaurant called Pick6 which is in Toronto located close to flagship store in NYC as we updated
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Drake Wants 500 Weeks On The Billboard Hot 100

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