Drake Makes Headline with Pro-Canada Los Angeles Billboard

Drake Makes Headline with Pro-Canada Los Angeles Billboard
[Download New Music From Lil Wayne]-From sun set to down,a good number of awards are been awarded to Dreezy even if his inability to perform well, his emcee is a good perfection given to him.a lot of awards that we should don in with or piggyback with like his High TV profile records and co-founding a giant clothing line,i think his is good with that and that's what keep shining the ONE DANCE SINGER DRAKE.

There's as many as to talk about drake because the singer/rapper is already guarantee with more enhancement to his music profile.Last years drakes OVO company held a fun in L.A is still keep alive and it have attracted his Social media users as the United States continues to be mired in difficult, divisive times.
The billboard, which reads "let’s just all get along like they do in canada," has been in the same spot in the City of Angels for over a year, with no attention being paid to the fact that they spelled the name of a country without a capital letter at the beginning, however that's probably more proof that Drake can literally do no wrong in the public's mind, even when his grammar is incorrect.

Why all the buzz about a billboard that hasn't been talked about since last year? Well, it's gained a lot of traction on Reddit Canada today, garnering over 24,000 upvotes at the time of this writing and boasting more than 1200 comments by users of the website. There's no real rhyme or reason for it, in terms of a significant product launch tie-in or anniversary from Drake's side of things.

Most people are simply assuming that many who live in the United States or Canada were simply voicing their displeasure with all the hate-fueled activity and speech that's been in the news over the past few days, if not for Donald Trump's entire run as President. For what it's worth, there is some proof behind Canada being a place where people get along.

According to this year's Global Peace Index, Canada is the eighth-most peaceful country in the world, holding the same spot they did last year. Meanwhile, the U.S. are all the way down at 114th. In these troubled times, let's salute Drizzy for reminding us of a country that doesn't appear to be in such turmoil.


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