Drake and Tchaikovsky Made Awasome Mashed Up By Classical Composer

Drake and Tchaikovsky Mad Awasome Mashed Up By Classical Composer
[New Trailers Waiting For You Here]-Something is common with this two guys.this man in question got everyone to wonder how were he get his talent from after blending with his musical experiment.Steve Hackman, who's blended other popular artists with the revered pieces of classical music that he doesn't want people to forget, form Beethoven to Mozart.

In a sit with Quartz,the young man said that,

I have so many peers and friends who are lovers of music and rabid consumers of music, but weren't trained in classical music, and just don’t have the awareness and access." He added that, "if you love contemporary music, why wouldn't you want to know where it all came from, going back to Bach and Palestrina?"
The site also made us to know that the Classical Composer Steve Hackman also composes classical pieces and pop music under the name Stereo Hideout.You can also read more here.
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