Drake and Billborad Miss Each Other And He Fall From Bill's Hot 100 First In History

Billboard's Hot 100 For First Time In 430 Weeks
[See Nicki Minaj Natural Beauty]-This time it shouldn't sound fun,amazing or let me say laugh that such is happening about one of the popular social media star and also a poplar celeb world wild.for some years now dreezy is good with billboard or we can refer Drake as billboard gang-star because his importance from his music life most time surfaced on Bill Hot 100 just in the Chart bar.don't be surprise on what you about to hear or peek on when it mistakenly come around you,but you have to take it and believe it because it varies and is not meant for one person but a sometime it work with effort.

As of 209,that should sound great that he leap out one of his hot track to bill's Hot 100 and for all this while he continue to smash on bill with a great performance and he even told us on May 20, 2017 that he is getting ready with all cost to face Bill Music award though he might go free on that but this time on Bill Hot 100l, i thing it was a hogwash given to the ONE DANCE SINGER DRAKE.Just for the first time in history of Drake that he finally find his way out of Billboard 100.All we are saying here is that Drake is no longer on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart.

Now You have to agreed with me that it breaks the internet if we should talk about the chart dated Aug. 26,theboombox also made us to know that Not that he probably cares. He’s racked up enough streaming and chart records to pretty much last him for the rest of his career, and with hints that More Life 2 is on the way soon, he’ll probably be back on top sooner rather than later.However,no matter how it looks he can also got some interest with his OVO Music Fest as we updated today.

Drake Falls Off Billboard's Hot 100 For First Time In 430 Weeks

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