Chris Brown Tells The Story On How He Hit Rihanna With Closed Fist

[This is how C.R.7 Was suspended]-Chris Brown hit Rihanna with Closed fist,he said with his open mouth.for a long time now Chris Brown and Rihanna are not catching each others back in fact fans hate it when Chris Brown and Rihanna Talk about each other specially to Chris Brown himself .He normally end up having a slammed on face anything he is dealing with Rihanna in this present days now.

In this post we are drawing in the story on how breezy met her and also he explained some nasty things that seem annoying,why, because he ended the story to annoy most people just indirectly he went straight to his point.

During their youthful and aging younger period,Chris Brown explained that he mat Rihanna at the age of 16 and he was aging close to 16 also though he was 15 year and about few months left for him to clock the same age with Rihanna.So both mat in New York City during all this time.In the first round breezy start blaming Rihanna because she was sleeping with another woman early on in their relationship.
"After that, my trust totally was lost with her," he said. "She hated me after that. I tried everything, she didn't care. She just didn't trust me after that. From there, it just went downhill because there were too many verbal fights, physical fights as well. Mutual sides." He went on, "We would fight each other. She would hit me, I would hit her and it never was okay."
He said.
"There was always a point where we'd talk about it like, 'What the f*** are we doing?' Like, 'I don't like you slapping me.' If I go on stage I got a scratch on my face and I gotta explain it like, 'Oh, no I fell.' If you got a scar or a bruise you gotta put makeup on. I'm not ever trying to put my hands on any female."
Then after all the explanation he forward it were he took that action,were he start to hit Rihanna.He recalled in Clive Davis Grammy party with RiRi and at that point the woman in question whom Rihanna slept with move closer to Chris Brown and Rihanna and she was already catching some anger with the woman.After everything they left the party and he told RiRi to go through his phone. He tried to prove that he had ended his relationship with the woman, but RiRi spotted a message from the said woman instead.

"She starts going off, she throws the phone," he said. "'I hate you.' Starts hitting me. We're in a little Lamborghini. She's fighting me. I'm like, 'Look, I'm telling you the truth, I swear.' ... She hits me a couple of more times and it doesn't go from translation to, 'Let's sit down, I'm telling you the truth.' It goes to, 'Now, I'm going to be mean, be evil.' I remember she tried to kick me, but then I really hit her, with a closed fist, I punched her. I busted her lip. When I saw it, I was in shock. I was like, 'F***, why the hell did I hit her?' "

"I look back at that picture and I'm like that's not me, bro, that's not me. I hate it to this day. That's going to haunt me forever," he added. "I felt like a f***ing monster."
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