Chance The Rapper Brings New Music With Retro R&B Sample

Chance The Rapper Brings New Music With With Retro R&B Sample
[See Drake As A Body Guide]-Coloring Book transformed carried him to the that extent he is now.Chance the rapper is the recognized in so part of the world during time he was still cracking to hit a new project but since he Coloring book came on board Chance The Rapper at least has earn a lot and gotten ransom award from Grammy award and that's what boost his music life to the next level and gain him more fans so far.

His fans are seriously expecting something from him or to link more hits to his masterful album and Chance The Rapper is now putting a vast hard work to accomplish with his fans.So far so good with his few tour,Chance the rapper has bring in Dj Khaled in one of his tour.Now after all silent in the kitchen,the Rapper is promising to show something new and has come on IG to show a surprising for his fans.

As you about to watch an instagram post from Chance The Rapper is no more a secret that the clip on IG is teasing video of an upcoming track or an unreleased track from him.the rapper was a blue color to showcase a track by showing it on his instagram account.see below.
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You see that rapping that's how is about to put his rap skills.but the song he is rapping off shouldn't be consider as one of the track coming along with his new album but he only come to remind us about some things we need to know about him.Chance the rapper has also tell that his new music is coming with one his friend called Retro R&B
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