Celine Dion Avoid Talking About Her Personal Life & Use Rihanna Track To Skip Some Question

Celine Dion Avoid Talking About Her Personal Life
This time don't ask the lovebird about her personal life,it make's Celine Dione to recall some gotten stories about her and Hus.When you think you are in the right time to ask Celine Dion about her personal issue she will definitely back herself like the way she did currently.Celine Dion attended Q&A at Brown Shoes in Montreal were a reporter asked her some few question which made her to blow into Rihanna track called Diamond.

You know by now that Celine is a single now even in our last report she has not proven that she is dating any man since her hus B left her.everybody want to know Celine Dion personal and thats why the reporter walk to her to ask her about her life.Celine Dion is living a new creature now and she is adapting with it even if she feel like dating she will definitely find it difficult for herself.In the question above the topic,the reporter ask the New day Singer Celine Dion that...

"I wanted to ask you about your personal life. It's a whole new world for you, you're a single woman. How is life?"  the reporter asked her

Immediately the question landed on her step Celine Dion who put on bright pink dress grabbed the question asking in a return to the reporter that is he trying Oder her out of the Montreal which she misunderstood the report and makes the crowed blow out laugh at her.

"Are you asking me out?"

After the question which she didn't answered the reporter,she went into a song that was sang by Rihanna "Diamond" which serve as a reply.the reporter continue with obstinate just to make sure he got a feedback from Celine Dion as he continue to ask the lovebird.
"We going out or what?" Celine asked with a smile, to which he replied, "Are you free tonight?" She responded again with a song, rhyming the chorus of Tom Petty's "Free Fallin' ".
At that point Celine Dion see the seriousness that the reported is mounting on her so she replied that she's living her sweet life following her husband death,Rene Angelil and brother Daniel Dion in January 2016.
"I'm enjoying myself. I went through a lot," she shared. "At this time of my life, going back a few years back when it was so hard, I feel as though I can spread my wings... There is a force that takes over when you believe, and I'm a believer."
she captioned.

Celine Dion On July 26, 2017 we reported about Celine Dion and the back up singer Pepe Munoz when it was rumored that day are on a date which it never seem easy to believe.Celine Dion never want to date any man as other women normally do but she want keep the innocent to her husband since he left her as a result of death.

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