Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow" Is Remixed By A Geography Teacher Aimed Her Success

 Geography Teacher Aimed Her Success
[50 Cent And Black Mafia Family]-Even the layman is able to have a contribute to Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow". is not a surprise,is a ramble may be you think that's a joke that one of the Billboard  take over Cardi B whose track keep rolling on an easy tune since her made her best on Billboard Hot 100 Just this.If some has a new contribution over the diva,is either as a result of being honest towards Card B.However we have spy in to a new impression to Card-B from a Geography Teacher who Remixed the track in question Bodak Yellow.

It refer this as way she want to teach her student in the class,A teacher in a class was recently address her teaching by use Card's "Bodak Yellow" in order to draw more explanation to the student.During his lecture in a topic civil war after Bad & Boujee went viral, there was video of a teacher remixing it to teach the civil war to some middle school students. Well, with "Bodak Yellow" taking over the world right now, it shouldn't come to any sort of surprise that a high school teacher has remixed the song to teach her students about geography.

Erica Buddington who have claimed the remix of Card's BODAK YELLLOW took to twitter on a visual rapping and singing Card B  "Bodak Yellow". In the twitter clip that was posted by the woman i think all the Lyrics of  Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow" was turn into geography just to use it and teach the student in that very topic.

The Teacher told that her student start by tapping with this beat and rapping the original lyrics in my class, so I remixed it, so they could retain the continents instead..." The video itself gained the traction of Cardi B herself who quoted the tweet and said "OMMMMMMMMMGGGGG I LOVE THIS I NEED THIS FOR MY IG !!!" The kids must've definitely picked up on the lesson because Buddington later tweeted out "Students received the lyrics yesterday at the end of class. They knew the entire song by this morning."

It must've caught on pretty quick because by the end of the day, she tweeted that all the kids in the school knew the words to the song. She replied to her own tweet saying "Today during dismissal, the entire school was singing this version."

On top of being an author and arts educator, Buddington's credentials run deeper than just that. She runs the Langston League which emphasizes on literacy for children of color. On top of that, she was also an HBO Def Poet as well as being a poetry slam champion.

More teachers should adapt forward-thinking educational curriculum's like Buddington. On top of remixing Cardi B, she's also done educational remixes of Future, Chance the Rapper and Desiigner as well.
Check out the tweets below:

Card-B is becoming the best female rapper to some people because her performance since all this days is a shocking.on August 22, 2017 we reported her as a Guest at VMA show up.

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