Billboard Hot 100's Top 3 Is Cracked By Card B Following Her Fame Over "Bodak Yellow"

Top 3 Is Cracked By Card B
[See Kanye West New Shoe To Fan]One of the biggest track/song for female divas/singers the Bodak Yellow himaker has claimed it all since the single made a lot of nice for are surprise her for the first time that Card-B is making it with Billboard Hot weeks week pooping up.You know that Card-B make more fans after her excel with Bodak Yellow and according to her recent chat she thanks all her friends and also those of the coming for her to congratulate her following her Billboard award for the while now.Bet you that her single made a lot for her if there were any doubters left, this should silence them: that song of hers is now a Top 3 song.

Gary Trust man is charge or managing the billboard Hot 100 chart for Billboard.Gary made it known that "Bodak" was indeed a very special release. Because of its success the man said.Gary has also measure the of Card-B's "Bodak Yellow" and confirmed it a great high among her diva like Nicki Minaj.Trust also said that number is all the more impressive in light of the dwindling numbers where female singles rising on the Hot 100 are concerned.see Gary Trust man twitter post about Card-B

The feat didn't go unnoticed by esteemed members of the hip-hop community. One such backer has been Elliott Wilson, who's been a booster of Cardi's since the beginning, and he took to Instagram to do his part in celebrating the incredible accomplishment with the young rapper.

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Fans really want Card-B to maintain this type of success for a very long time like Drake because everything was like a surprise give to most of her fellow artist.she was also told to continue to work hard in any of her upcoming project in future.Even Nicki Minaj was said to be a surprise out Card-B's Hot 100 B Billboard.On August 14, 2017.Nick also updated her story with Card-B regarding to their beef.

Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow" Cracks The Billboard Hot 100's Top 3

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