Can Ludacris Rise More Tunes In His Music Career

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Ludacris can set back history if you really wanna talk about his Music Career.By now we all thinks that the rapper Luda kick off never coming back for a reason since the debut which pop on back in 2000 following his Back For The First Time.Luda albums is one the best in the last twenty years of hip-hop music. Ludacris albums always hits good reward but count as a break down alliance in two albums hotter than ever Word of Mouf and The Red Light District.Word of Mouf is the second rise album of Ludacrise and finalize the second project  [Word of Mouf ] on November 27, 2001.

That being said, his profile has expanded into other media since his first major album, currently holding down the hosting duties on MTV's reboot of the Fear Factor franchise, which has enjoyed some high ratings during its first season. In addition to his other producing credits, some might think that Luda has left the music business behind but, based on his short interview at the MTV Video Music Awards, that theory couldn't be further from the source told us.
When he was asked the question about his music career, and whether or not is was done, Ludacris had one response to that: "definitely not." He continued with that train of thought, saying that, when you're at the stage of your career where you're on your ninth album and have already sold tens of millions of copies of your previous work, you can afford to take your time and really be true to the process of music-making. He doesn't want people to get it twisted - as he put it, "if it weren't for music, I wouldn't be where I'm at right now."

As he pointed out, whenever an artist takes a ton of time in between major releases, a lot of haters social media users will come out of the woodwork and question the artist's commitment not only to the new material, but also to those who want to hear it and might be getting impatient.

However, even though he says he has new stuff in the works, Luda fans could be waiting a while for some new tracks to drop. Fear Factor has already been renewed for a second season, with the rapper once again taking over hosting duties and claiming an executive producer credit.

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