Blac Chyna Breaks Up Again But This Time With Mechie

Blac Chyna Breaks With Mechie
Have you ever think of knowing why Blac Chyna normally gives up that so quick,or How many times have Blac Chyna been in a relationship with men.after a series of dating with Rob which landed her to got a new boyfriend called Mechie’s antics just because she have to ditch Rob out owing the problem they are having in their relation and even they went beyond expectation by posting nasty IG that has to do with x-rated outward with caption also.Now in a new report surfacing with us,it no secret that Blac Chyna finally got a new bea ''Mechie’s antics'' and according to insider the both are igniting to wave it off just in the new relationship of Blac Chyna and Mechie’s antics.

But is a sad story in the relationship,i mean both Blac Chyna and
Mechie’s antics was engaged on a fight during the Weekend but earlier the week as TMZ recorded.As Topstars has online with Blac Chyna,we reported few days back about the Diva who wants Nicki Minaj to be her Boss in rap music (Blac Chyna) when she was trying to hit up fight with neighbors.Blac is thinking of been self-centered because main looking at her relationship with Rob and the current dating,all we find out is that may be trying to be alone but no one Knows. 

In the main source of the post,Blac Chyna again in a serious fight caused my argument on Monday Night with the new lover of Blac Chyna
Mechie’s antics.following what might resulted to this,how do you feel when Blac Chyna warning Mechie to back-off or to reduce the rate of flirting on social media?,that might seem a hogwash to peek on or talk about because fans also see her a girl who flirt also.I mean she was telling Mechie about how he is making it a hobby on social media with girls/women.

We also recall that their dating is just sitting on the fence meaning that it was only two months dating the lovebirds got over each other yet resulting to an unrealistic with the dating.

However,nothing is been done yet,no story lying wrongly about them and none of them are calling it off just because the misdemeanor catching over.Mechie is said to be extremely concern about the break up as he trying to get back to her.TMZ can also prove that.On August 02, 2017,Blac Chyna run a defensive after a porn revenge aimed on Rob.see below...

Blac Chyna Reportedly Breaks Up With Mechie

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