Beyonce Slammed for Posting Pic of Herself Sipping Wine: 'Hope She's Not Feeding the Twins!'

Beyonce Slammed for Posting Pic of Herself
[9 Stars Who Had Their First With An Other Celeb]-Beyonce Knowles came under fire over her pictures last weekend. The 35-year-old star who has just given birth to twin babies was criticized after posting on Instagram a picture of herself drinking wine during a night-out with husband Jay-Z.

"I hope Beyonce ain't using the twins to feed the twins after that glass of wine... #ImJustSayin #IbelieveThatChildrenAreOurFuture," one commented. Another came to Bey's defense, "It is insane for slamming a woman for having a glass of wine if she breast feeds. One unit of alcohol is out of your breast milk within two hrs. One glass of wine is not a crime lol! Chill out! You do you B."

Beyonce delivered a daughter named Rumi and a son named Sir in June but didn't announce it until a month later. She recently showed off her post-baby body in a crop top when attending Kendrick Lamar's concert in Los Angeles with her oldest daughter Blue Ivy, 5.

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