Allegations On R.Kelly Can Be A False Alarm Against Him Aimed To Kill His Career

[See Jay z 4:44]-R.Kelly has once again claimed innocent over the allegations pointed towards him.the singer is not happy about how his name is carried all over just with one thing aimed on him which is to damage his career.R the singer is accused over having sex with underage girls and Kelly himself slammed the nasty publicity as a method that his enemies want to get him down.

R.Kelly has many propaganda right from his youthful age and they keep following him all about making sure he fall a victim that will diminish his life.since this year R.K and Usher has become an online victim that the publication is always talking about and the fact is that both will always have one or two stories that people normally talk about them either in a month or in a week.Few days ago R.Kelly was reported that he paid a woman just to cover what they did in the pas years as the woman in question alleged on him.The accusation from the woman who accused R.Kelly made the singer to defend himself and come to CNN to speak in that topic.

As we said the allegation on Mr Kelly is a false alarm which individuals are trying to Don-in on him.In some emphasis from far which surfaced on CNN and he as well made it categorically on speech saying
all wrong doing and is taking appropriate legal action to protect himself from ongoing defamation." In response to Kelly's statement, Timothy Savage, the father of one of the singer's alleged captives, said the following: "We do have a personal agenda and that is to see our daughter again. Mr. Kelly has a concert in Atlanta on August 25th. If Mr. Kelly has any shred of human decency, then he will allow our family to see Joycelyn this weekend without any interference."

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R. Kelly Releases Statement Denying Allegations Of Wrongdoing

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