About Justin Bieber ''Friends'' Listen To His New Track

Justin bieber Friends track
Justin Bieber has finally dropped new track for his fans.The awareness first come on his instagram account were he post his upcoming track Called Friends and when the post first showed on his IG account no one Knows about the post but main looking at it some sharp mind grabbed it that ''Friends'' is a new Justin Bieber Music which he is going to collaborate with a producer called BloodPop.BloodPop is the hitmaker of Justin Bieber New Track ''Friends'' and also share some beat with Justin bieber on studio album "Purpose".

Disclosing the person who write Justin Bieber ''Friends'', a man called Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter that also render some help in "Sorry" also join in making ''Friends'' track to come real.what is the meaning of Justin Bieber track and what is it talking about ,the meaning.well as we were told the track is talking about a youthful guy who broke up with the girl who he normally date but at a point he try reconnecting with her as a new date.below is how the 23 years old Cadanian took his lines in his new track.

"Girl, you wonderin' why I've been callin'? /Like I've got ulterior motives /No, we didn't end this so good /But you know we had something so good," Bieber sings. "So I'm wondering, can we still be friends? /Can we still be friends? Doesn't have to end /And if it ends, can we be friends? Can we be friends?"
listen to Justin Bieber new track below....

We are also thinking that if the track is acting as a new album,i mean if the track going to be the first song in his any upcoming album though we are yet to receive from him.Justin Bieber has made so dope tracks,and some of Justin Bieber best tracks so far are the ones he feat  Dj Khaled,Chance The Rapper,Lil Wayne,Major Lazer,Luise Fonsi,Daddy Yankee and Davide Guetta.He featured the artists above just in some respective tracks

As we can  remember that Justin Bieber has been on tour for some while and the last time about his recent show, it was hell by engaging in some wrong doing over his fans.all blame land on his side after his fans encounter a letter from him,we updated on August 03, 2017.
On August 12, 2017,Justin Bieber gets a Turned Down On Instagram By A Beautiful Girl,Justin Bieber just messaged the gym that I work at and asked who I was hahahaha WTFsomeone post on twitter.see below.

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