50 Is Getting Ready For BET Takeover After His Shows Getting To Outside Limit

50cent release of his central series
[Doy You Know Justin Beiber Like Jaden Smith]-A great man will always try to do everything just keep his respect even if he not that important in the present that his/her previous work can only talk good about him or she.50 Cent is one the popular celebrities that everybody around the world always talk about although Fif not good in taking action when it come to terrorize but one thing we always flash back is that's his stubbornness serve for him either in good or in bad. 50 cent is a rapper which we all knew about but at a point he switch into film series having his own visual named POWER which he is currently working in some episode in other to create a new season for his fans and also talked about the release of his central series which surfaced on Top,on 

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The Co-CEO of Power is so excited to to partner with Bet specially he got a big deal in mind.he is almost done with some few show and hope to create more chance for himself just to enable him handle the upcoming event with Bet."I'm getting rid of a few shows because I have some good ideas," He said.he is even ready to suspend some the show to give him more chance concentrate with his 50central program.

On August 01,17,he also disclosed that he is moving out his movie Power from it network just because it no more putting some interest to the people.drop your comment and share with us.

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