50 Cent & Irv Gotti Aagin On Instagram Feud-Shots To Shots

50 Cent and Irv has ignite the instagram again throwing shots to shots to each.50 is bad guy when it comes to feud and that's why some of fellow niggers never wanna fuck with him.it has been a long way with 50 Cent and my Nigger Irv Gotti got themselves in to a shot but yesterday reminds us that the feud between the two is still alive.Yeah fif and Irv are not given up as their Instagram post explained after a series of IG post showing deep shot to each other.

What brought out the new dispute about 50 Cent and Gotti on social media,Top has record it that it was a Tv network.Both of the HIP-HOP moguls have found themselves at the same TV network now, with Fif's new endeavor 50 Central set to join a lineup that already includes Gotti's program Tales. Yesterday (August 20th), 50 Cent used social media to let his ongoing foil exactly how he feels.Now below post and comment by 50 cent seem referring it to someone he thinks it should go to.According to his post,he said that
"Keep quiet don't tell them I'm setting up shop," 50 said in a caption in an Instagram post. "I don't come to make friends. When I come, I take over. #50Centralbet." He wasn't done there either. Fif continued to fire shots in the comments, saying "I don’t know maybe it’s just old drug dealer habits […] That 'Tales' bullshit is garbage, good idea badly executed. It will be gone faster than you can say 50 did it. LOL." Not one to be outdone, Irv quickly responded with some sharp words of his own on Instagram: "The Fact that this clown is trying so hard for TALES go away. Should let everyone know how dope my shit is. He’s saying it’s a dope idea but poor execution. HAHAHAH. Fuck outta here bitch!! YOU LOVE MY SHIT!! Oct. 10th. TALES IS BACK ON."
In fact it was hell yesterday with 50 Cent and Gotti.But do you know after the above statement with fif,Gotti with no idea of what was going then finally figured it with 50 cent after seeming 50 Cent IG {Instagram}post ,IG {Irv Gotti} grabbed it up to throw it back to 50 Cent with a new diss post.see below on what he said,
"Don't let him confuse y'all," he wrote. "POWER IS COURTNEY KEMPS SHOW. It's not his. He is an actor who got EP credit [...] Let him entertain you with his mouth and memes. Hahaha. All good. That’s how BITCHES do!!" A few hours later, 50 continued the conversation, sharing another picture with a caption that reads: "Most people fall apart under pressure. I deliver repeatedly at a feverish pace. I'm a nightmare for a hater, I make things happen."
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On August 15, 2017,50 cent also made us to know about his BET takeover.

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50 Cent & Irv Gotti Fire Shots At Each Other Over TV Projects

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