50 Cent and More Celebrates Mayweather Beating McGregor

mayweather mcgregor 50cent fight
[The Best Black Africa]-It went Buzzing again,you and i knew him,i mean FIF and co.Well as the match finally get to it ends many dudes and many fans of Mayweather got the chance to celebrate and hits something that looks like chatter up on twitter accounts.50 Cent,Diddy and many more once again express themselves over the media just to gear Mayweather who took the victory against McGregor.

Drastically Mayweather is the over roll Champ who has stick on his battle filed without any contester over taking his victory for a very long time.If we should draw more attention,i think McGregor who finally fall a victim never think that the KO fight will lead him to a shame,though the fight was extremely hot setting up more ignite in between the pair fighters.

Mayweather fans should make a lot of prolific as the fight gave them a reason so far.

The Hip-Hop stars now celebrating the victory and even Diddy can be count down as one of the stars who celebrates the OK  fighter (Mayweather) following his media post,peek below subtext.

“I ain’t going to lie I felt like the rep was racially profiling man,” Diddy said. “They should have let him knock that chump down. Let him knock him out next time. Can we see a motherf***in’ knockout? Can we see somebody else on the ground besides us?”
After the series post from Diddy,50 Cent also share his own hilarious meme while other artists like Chance The Rapper and K. Michelle shared their congratulations to Money Mayweather.see below.

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