3 Celebrities who Love To Watch Mayweather vs. McGregor Match

drake and diddy on Watch Mayweather vs. McGregor Match
[See More Here]-As the hot match between Mayweather vs. McGregor on awaiting, am pretty sure that not only us will like to attend the Mayweather vs. McGregor boxing ring.today i got a news that about three popular celebrities are ready to have a sit at the Conner of the boxing ring either up or down sited.the match is being on the way coming and i hope you will attend the match coming on dated.

LeBro, Drake and Diddy is already welcoming Mayweather vs. McGregor Match.The three are also going to be a guest at the venue T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas next Saturday, August 26th.and more awareness is expected that very day. The match between Mayweather vs. McGregor as of may 2015 acquired about $623.5 million as the ticket are collected respectively and simultaneously from the sit watchers.

This is a junction of so many celebrities and it gonna be a crowed event unlike before on 2015,though on 2015 it was attended but after the current match you will decide yourself.As TMZ report with us about the popular Celebs coming for the Mayweather vs. McGregor,is clear that many are coming but the site made the news in a distinct honor given to DRAKE,LEBRO and DIDDY himself will be safe present,and also some celebs like Elon Musk and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft will also be there.

Mayweather vs. McGregor Match is a hot sport game descending on Las Vegas on that day as we said August 26th.The two boxers will be creating some awareness for their match but as for Floyd Mayweather he already announced his own after party at his new strip club, Girl Collection, while Conor McGregor has announced his official post-fight bash at Encore Beach Club, where he has a two year residency.

We also heard that some celebrities like Rick Ross,Angelina Jolie, Jamie Foxx, Mark Wahlberg are coming for the match but we are not yet sure for that all we knew for now is that LeBro, Drake and Diddy are already getting sited for the match.And again Nevada State Athletic Commission recently mentioned that both fighters to switch from 10-ounce gloves to eight-ounce gloves for their 154-pound bout, which some believe favors the UFC champ. McGregor, for one, feels he'll be able to sleep Floyd within two rounds with the smaller gloves on his mitts.read below.

"If we are in 8-ounce gloves, he will be floored multiple times in the first round," McGregor said. "I believe first-round KO in 8-ounce gloves. The fact I can't follow through in MMA and pound the head into the canvas and there's a 10-count in boxing, maybe I'll give him second round. But 8-ounce gloves, he will be done in two."
On August 04, 2017,Floyd Mayweather claimed that he can Earn $300 Million in 36 Minuets in fighting and winging his opponent.What Do You Think?,

LeBron, Drake, Diddy Among Celebs Attending Mayweather vs. McGregor


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