2017 Top 10 Black Billionaires

Have you ever think of seeing the ten 10 list of the richest black billionaires in the world today specially when we are talking about the black color.black people always have that chance to to prove what makes the specially not even to talk about their color but their something that makes them difference from the white.white men and black men are two categories that always involved in the list of the richest people in the world today but mainly we can draw the line that white men always got 80% of them to be in top 100 of richest men in the world while 20% is black men which is from African.
However here today On TOP we are listing the best 10 black men billionaires in the world now.Oprah and Robert Smith can  be count as the popular rich men in the world but there's many African men who are far better than them when it comes to their wealth.Even the black women can also be part of this top because there's most of the Africa women who also top among the richest in the world mainly in Africa.As we are about to show up with the Top richest black Billionaires men in the world right now i think this will unveiled most of the things you need to know about them

No.1 Mohammed Ibrahim:He is communication man in terms of mobile entrepreneur he is a British man born during the year of 1946.Basically Ibrahim lives in UK and we are also talking him as one of the richest man the UK right here.if we are to talk about his wealth,what makes Mohammed Ibrahim to blow up to the level he is now i think is because the time he sold off his Celtel International during the year of 2015.Celtel International once operated in African countries and the communication was found by Mohammed Ibrahim before he sold it off.Celtel International was founded during the year of 1998.Mohammed Ibrahim finally move over to charitable foundation helping many people he is well reorganized and Ibrahim Net Worth is about $1.14

No.2 Michael Jordan:Another person to list as one of the richest people in the world today is Michael Jordan.Mich is one the well know person in world.He was one the American retired professional basketball player,also a businessman and once a principle and chairman of the Charlotte Hornets as Wikipedia have his details online.Michael Jordan Net Worth is clocking about $1.31.His children is about five in number bearing Jeffrey Michael Jordan, Jasmine Mickael Jordan, Ysabel Jordan, Victoria Jordan.

No.3 Folorunsho Alakija:Well this is another person we bring on top list of the richest people in Africa but number 3 in our list is a woman from Nigeria.Folorunsho Alakija is a woman from Nigeria country in west Africa.Lagos made her what she is today because she's once a Secretary in Lagos, Nigeria.Alakija is so proud of her self to engaged on tailoring business which is her own without serving as an employee given to any individual.In 2014 she unseated Oprah Winfrey as the richest woman of African descent in the world as Wikipedia detailed.She was born during the year of 1951 and Folorunsho Alakija Net Worth is currently Clocking about $1.53 she was blessed with Rotimi Alakija as a child.Currently she was also one of the people who have Folorunsho Alakija, Others Unveil Africa Cinematography Festival.

Robert Smith:Who is the owner of firm, Vista Equity Partners.?,there's no secret that Robert Smith is the CEO of that company.Robert Smith is a businessman,an investor, philanthropist and also the formal chemical engineer and investment banker before his switch over.Now during the year of 200,Smith was able to introduce Vista Equity Partners and in the 16 years since then.He was born during the year of 1962 and his Net Worth is about 3.3 billion USD .Robert Parent Name is Sylvia Myrna Smith, William Robert Smith.

Patrice Motsepe:According to Wikipedia,Mostspe is a south Africa mining magnate who forbs also reported that he is to rise about $300 Million In Share Sale.Motsepe was born during the year of 1962 and his Net Wort is about $2.7 billion.He the first person to sign Bill Gates' Giving Pledge. In 1999, Motsepe and his wife founded the Motsepe Foundation to help create new jobs, support education, and improve the lives of children, the unemployed, and the disabled.

No.6 Oprah Winfrey:This is another woman who is in the list of the top 10 in Africa America richest people.she made the best of other in the billionaire list.She was once encounter poverty before her success in life.The Oprah Winfrey show ran for 25 seasons. More than just wealthy, Oprah is also beloved by millions of fans.Her Net Worth is about $3.2 billion.Oprah Winfrey was born during the year of 1954.She is a proprietor,actress, producer, and philanthropist.she is currently spotted in grand rapids for the second time.

No.7 Isabel Dos Santos: Jose Eduardo dos Santos gave birth to Isabel Dos the president of of Angola who has reigned over a violent regime since 1979.She has made a lot of money from her father and that what enable her to be on the high class.She's also a businesswoman and forbs also consider her as the richest woman in Africa.Isabel Dos Santos was born during the year of 1973 and her Net Worth is about $3.5 billion.In the last two days news,theguardian told that Angola's ruling party claims election victory World news.

No.8 Mike Adenuga:Mike Adenuga built his enormous fortune in mobile telecommunications and oil production. In 2006, he founded Globacom, the second largest mobile phone network in Nigeria. With over 24 million customers in Nigeria, the company also operates in the Republic of Benin, where it recently acquired licenses to start businesses in Ghana and the Ivory Coast. What's more, his Conoil Producing is considered to be one of the largest independent exploration companies in Nigeria, with a production capacity of 100,000 barrels of oil per day. He was born during the year of 1953 and his Net Worth is about 5.5 billion USD.

Mohammed Al Amoudi:In the 1980's Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi made very wise investments in the oil and mining industries in his home country of Ethiopia as well as in Sweden and Morocco. He expanded his portfolio of companies into finance, hotels, hospitals and more. Mohammed employs over 40,000 people through his two primary corporations, Corral Petroleum Holdings and Mohammed International Development Research and Organization Companies (MIDROC). MIDROC is the largest gold mining operation in Ethiopia, producing four tons of gold each year. Corral Petroleum Holdings controls over 70% of Ethiopia's oil output. Al-Amoudi is the largest foreign investor in Morocco and Sweden. More recently he has launched a new endeavor to build the first car factory in Saudi Arabia.An his Net Worth is about 9.7 billion USD (2017) Forbes.

Aliko Dangote:Aliko Dangote owns the eponymous Dangote Group, which operates in the commodities field.  Dangote is based in Nigeria and also does business in other African countries, including Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, South Africa, Togo, and Zambia. He is the richest person in Africa. The Dangote Group employs more than 11,000 people in industries such as sugar refining, flourmills, food distribution, and cement. In fact, The Dangote Group's businesses account for one fourth of all businesses on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.His Net Worth is about $15.7 billion.

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