Wiz Khalifa Throw Shade At 21 Savage & Amber Rose’s “Relationship”?

Wiz Khalifa
Okay, let’s not act like people weren’t already thinking this new Amber Rose/21 Savage relationship is nothing more than a way to get attention from the blogs. I mean, 21 got an album coming out this week and Amber has a SlutWalk to promote So it’s not that shocking the phrase “publicity stunt” has been thrown around.

What is kind of surprising is that Amber’s ex-husband Wiz Khalifa appears to be co-signing the new couple is faking it. “Major stunts being pulled,” wrote Wiz on Instagram. The comment is actually a caption for a picture of Wiz with his girlfriend Izabela Guedes. Wiz’s possible shady IG post came after a video made the rounds online of Amber and 21 engaging in a somewhat awkward kiss.

Some people also think it’s weird how quickly the two were publicly confessing their love for each other. According to reports, they just started dating a few weeks ago. 21 did rap on “Feel It” that he “can’t fake love, I just want someone who really care,” so who really knows what’s happening with those two. What do y’all think? Are 21 Savage and Amber Rose a real couple or is it all just for the
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