The Game Defends Usher On His battle Aimed Around Him

[Rihanna Is A beaded]You and i knew it that for the past four days now Usher is on a bad bed regarding to his Herpes Scandal with a woman who alleged him and Top can tell as well as usher paying her a $1.1 million settlement for doing so.So many challenges has been on his way to that extend it has something to do with his music,video e.t.e,yeah people use it against him to create memes and parodies. Damn Usher Raymond. One woman also supposedly took her lawsuit against the singer from $10 million to $40 million when she too tested positive for the virus.

A lawyer who judged and side for the woman in question is now a victim after claiming that
several women have reached out to her claiming they too have been endangered by having unprotected sex with Usher without knowing his status.all are false yo reading the post bet you that Lisa Bloom is on the run now because police siren is on his back for that art.Below is the comment that was alleged on usher by Lisa Bloom read below.
“Endangering women’s health by having unprotected sex with herpes? Three women have now reached out to me about Usher. Stay tuned,” said Bloom.
“It’s also a violation of criminal law in many states to have unprotected sex without disclosure of your STD. As it should be. How much unprotected sex did Usher have after his herpes diagnosis? Women are reaching out to me. How dare he endanger women’s health?”
No matter the bad eggs lying on usher,not everybody willing to shade on him no matter it seem to be everybody are not the same.The Sometimes stand to stand for those who merit to be stand for.the turn on face on usher Sex Herpes Scandal,he stand to speak for him not because both are good niggers but the nigger has something to point at time around.The Game defended Usher on Instagram making it real on a post,
“Stop tryna tear n-ggas down with all this maybe bogus sh-t… Jane Doe this & Jane Doe that…a week ago everybody were usher fans, now because of a health condition he may or may not have, its f-ck usher, stay away from him, his wife should’ve done this etc….1/2 the people commenting in here ain’t even took a shower or brushed they teeth this morning yet & got dirty dicks & fish market smellin’ vaginas tryna weigh in on somebody else’s life. foh & let this man live bruh,”
said Game.
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