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Roc Nation Collaborate With Jaden & Willow Smith's MSFTSrep Collective

Roc Nation Collaborate With Jaden & Willow Smith's MSFTSrep Collective
[The Secret Of  Successful Celebrities]-MSFTSrep is having Jaden & Willow Smith's  this time around,MSFTSrep is also that good when it comes to collective art as they have Jaden & Willow Smith among others as the net can tell it all around.Lucky to the pair Jad and Will, MSFTSrep announced that they are on collaborating with Roc Nation.Following the online News,it was told that

Jaden's new singles "Batman" and "Watch Me" have been released through the new deal, and there's more music to come. Roc Nation will be working with the collective's musical branch MSFTS Music, which will release songs from Jaden, Willow, and Harry Hudson.from Variety.

"The mission behind MSFTS Music is inspiring," says Roc Nation CEO Jay Brown. "Jaden, Willow and Harry are embracing their individuality and turning it into art. MSFTS Music promotes and believes in freedom of expression and Roc Nation is proud to support and promote that message."
One thing with MSFTSrep,is an art of collective and lifestyle brand that encompasses music,fashion, education and more. Each of the MSFTS artists (Jaden Smith, Willow Smith and Harry Hudson) has their own style and form of musical expression.

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