Rihanna hilariously hits back at body shamers calling her ‘too fat’

[5 Problem With Drake See Here]Who calls Rihanna a Bigggi ?hmm,fans may have discovered whats wrong with Riri saying she's becoming fat.As Justjared has the official photo about the indecent that happened to Rihanna.A hogwash from shamers online attack Rihanna saying that she has gained a lot of weight meanwhile this same issue was also rumored and alleged on her that she's pregnant

Fan of Rihanna monitors her while on store were Rihanna picking up some snacks at a convenience store. Her friend who recorded the clip seemed to be shaming her for picking up all the snacks like Cheetos and Pringles.

“Stop judging her,” Ri‘s friend Melissa Forde then says

The fan account captioned the video, “Everybody who calling rob too fat, [Melissa] telling you what to do in this video K!! #mindyourown #eatallyouwant @badgalriri i got you like Melissa.”

Rihanna commented on the post and said, “Somebody called me too fat?” She added three crying laughing emojis so that fans know that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks!.see more about this.
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