Meek Mill Denies Getting Money From Nicki Minaj The Second Time

Meek Mill Denies Getting Money From Nicki Minaj In The Second Time
[Read More Here]Meek Mill continue to receive a nasty act from fans specially from Nicki Minaj fans and most of his enemies as of drake and many other.on FEB.2017 which is earlier the this year,complex report that the rapper was involved Nicki Money which surfaced during the year.the report also swirled on rollingout were he also denies that he has not to do with Nick Minaj Money.well it might be that distinct the rapper has not to do with the ex as he continue to  back his voice on that.

As bad ones pushing on on the wall,in an interview,it seem that people was like bring back those stories about him and Nicki Minaj.he was interviewed and were his condemn the bad mind of people putting on to him that he still has something Nicki's back. according to him,
"I'll look at the Internet and see comments like, 'Meek got Nicki money.' You can't know nothing about Meek Mill if you saying something like that,"
he said during the interview and also continue adding that
"They be like 'Meek Mill can't rap.'... 'Somebody wrote Meek Mill raps'. ... I came up on YouTube rapping since I was 14 years old," he continued. "
A lot of accusation is made on him which he continue not to accept.he also stand a chance to speak on with his fellow ex guy who dated Nicki Minaj before, Safaree Samuels .here he came around with the report that said he jumped on Safaree Samuels about last month this was happening.
"I don't know nothing about him getting jumped on. I pulled up and actually seen him getting into an altercation. You can look at my face and see that I was surprised," he said. "Me and my friends had a party at that spot that night, so that's somewhere we were supposed to be going."
"I don't communicate with him. I don't know him. I don't even want to base those guys in this interview. That's not even on my level,"
"Street fights take place all the time. I ain't touch nobody. Didn't put no hand on nobody. I'm on strict probation. I'm just trying to handle my business and feed my family. I don't think those dudes are worthy of being talked about."
he said.
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